EPI-Omega 3 from salmon

60 capsules. 
Recommended daily dosage: 
2 capsules

Salmon oil:
Recommended daily dosage: 

Ingredients per recommended daily dosage:
1. Salmon oil: 1000mg
Other fatty acids: 785 mg 
Omega 3 fatty acids: 215mg
DHA: 72mg
Other Omega 3 fatty acids: 70mg 
EPA: 48mg
DPA: 25mg
Vitamin E: 0,45mg 
Vitamin A: 50,8µg
Vitamin D3: 0,26 µg
Vitamin K1: 0,08µg.
2. sp-Medis pilzextrakt/

                                Vegetable capsules
                                 No preservative additives
                                 Store in a dry place, in closed container.

 Omega-3 fatty acids, cardiovascular disease, blood clot. Also has a positive effect on the immune system and in patients with arthritis, migraine and psoriasis. Skin hair.

EPI-Omega 3 from salmon
Unrefined omega-3 from salmon gives greater health benefits
More and more studies from both Norway and abroad show that refined omega-3 has far better health effects than refined oils.
Many people often see blindness as to how much omega-3 is given in a capsule, and mistakenly believe that the higher the omega-3 content, the better it may be. This may prove to be wrong. A highly concentrated oil is often more unstable, and is often stressed by oxidation due to storage and production methods. Omega-3 from salmon that is gently treated and additionally unrefined appears to have far better health benefits than highly concentrated and refined omega-3 products.
Unrefined omega-3 from salmon contains far more and beneficial nutrients a refined oil. An unrefined oil is not stressed by heat or other refining processes that remove vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or other beneficial fats found in fresh raw fish.
Lower omega-3 - but with better effect
Although the omega-3 fatty acid content is generally less in unrefined omega-3 from salmon than found in the refined oils, studies and studies show that unrefined oils are absorbed and utilized much better in the body. Refined oils are exposed, for example, to temperatures up to 230 degrees during production, which destroys and removes many other natural compounds. At such temperatures there are also undesired trans fatty acids.
A fresh and unrefined virgin omega-3 is never exposed to temperatures above 90 degrees.
This means that unrefined salmon oil, in addition to omega-3 fatty acids, contains all natural and beneficial substances found in fresh salmon, such as phospholipids, vitamins A, D, E and K, minerals, trace elements, sterols and other omega fatty acids As found in fresh salmon.
Up to nine times better than tran and refined omega-3
A Norwegian survey published in 2006, compared to cooked salmon with, among other things, tran for the uptake of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The daily dose of EPA and DHA from cooked salmon was 1.2 grams, while EPA and DHA from the tran were 3 grams. Although the daily dose of EPA and DHA was 2.5 times higher for tran, the uptake of EPA and DHA from cooked salmon (temperature of 100 degrees, compared with refined cranes subjected to heat of up to 230 degrees) was significantly higher, despite lower intake Of omega-3.
The researchers believe that this may be due to differences in the chemical structure of the fatty substances, where boiled and unrefined omega-3 from salmon significantly improves uptake and utilization than omega-3 from the cod liver oil. The better effect of unrefined salmon oil is probably also due to components that are removed by refining oils
An Italian survey documents the same. In fact, 2-9 times higher doses of refined and high-dose omega-3 from capsules were required, compared to unrefined omega-3 from salmon.
The oil is even more gentle treated than cooked salmon, and is not subject to temperature above 90 degrees. That is, the product has retained all nutrients and lipids as found in nature. The toughest thing is that the oil is extracted within an hour after the fish has been taken up by the water - I call it fresh!
Medis Pilzextrakt contains all essential amino acids.

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