60 capsules. 
Recommended daily dosage: 
2 capsules

1. Chaga extract (Inonotus obliquus) powder.                                   
2. Chaga extract (from tea.)
                                  3. Inulin (a dietary fiber from root vegetables)                                   

                                  4. sp-Medis pilzextrakt/                                                                                

                                Vegetable capsules
                                 No preservative additives
                                 Store in a dry place, in closed container.

The immune system
• Colds and flu
Asthma, bronchitis
Abdominal pain
• Poor digestion
• Strong antioxidant • Can maintain healthy skin and healthy hair • Generally potent
Magistrates and SOD

Chaga is a mushroom growing on birch. It has a coffee-like taste. The mushroom is the strongest natural antioxidant known. Of all medical mushrooms, chaga probably has the greatest diversity of medicinal properties. Chaga has a long tradition in folk medicine in Eastern Europe and from indigenous peoples in North America.
Given the nick name "The Diamond of the Forest".
Areas of application • Immune system • Cold and flu • Asthma, bronchitis • Abdominal pain • Poor digestion • Strong antioxidant • Strengthens the immune system • Can maintain healthy skin and healthy hair • General strengthening • Gastrointestinal diseases
• Chaga contains a number of important medical compounds and nutrients: Polysaccharides, beta-glucans, tannins, important minerals, trace minerals, vitamins (B2, B3, D2), dietary fiber and an almost complete amino acid profile. - superoksid dismutase (SOD)


Chaga grows on birch trees. The most common thing is to harvest the fungus in autumn and winter. You may need an ax or saw to loosen the mushroom from the birch tree. It is important that you get both the black, coarse outer layer and the soft, corky inner parts of the fungus. 

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